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The Toronto Drug Treatment Court has been in existence since 1998, and they are committed to ensuring that alternatives are provided for incarceration for Toronto residents currently facing criminal charges which are linked to drug addictions. The programme can be regarded as a joint partnership among the constituencies listed below:
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Ontario Court of Justice
Federal Department of Justice
Legal Aid Ontario
Ministry of the Attorney General
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional services
Public Prosecution Service of Canada
Other community agencies
The funds which are needed by the Toronto Drug Treatment Court Programme, is catered for by:
The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney
The Toronto General LHIN and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Private donations

Those who have interest in participating, should necessarily be those who addicted to drugs such as cocaine and the likes, and are also facing charges which are non-violent based, that are quite linked to their addiction.

The Toronto Drug Court Rehab aims to assist people who have addictions to drugs, to show positive changes, which can be achieved making use of a community based method:
Controlled harm reduction treatment
Abstinence aid
Group and individual guidance
Shelter and housing provision
Opiate substation therapy
Case handling and management

The Toronto Drug Court Rehab works on a foundation which is hinged on three unique partners such as:
Community investors
Clinical treatment contributors
This model has since been in use, when the programme was founded, and it has played an integral role in its success.

The Toronto Drug Court screens individuals who are potential participants, and also controls and regulates the legal facet of participation in the programme, alongside monitoring the progress of the client.

The court makes use of the legal power to provide guidance and motivation to clients, which would make them accountable throughout the duration of the programme.
The personnel of the court include:
Presiding Judge
Federal Prosecutor
Duty Counsel
Court Clerk
Police Liaison
Parole and Probation officer