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Addiction is a physical and psychological inability to stop the use of taking drug, alcohol and other substances, irrespective of the fact that it causes physical and psychological harm. Addiction does not only imply that an individual would be dependent on substances such as cocaine or heroin. A person who cannot stop the use of chemical or drug, has a dependence on substance.

Addiction could also involve the inability to stop taking part in activities which could involve eating, working and gambling. In this case, the person can be said to have behavioral addiction.

Below are the top 5 addictions in Toronto:
1. Heroin: In Toronto and even in the world, Heroin happens to be the most addictive substance known. It has been said that one in every four individuals, has the chance to become addicted if they try out Heroin. In addition to this, what makes this drug particularly dangerous, is the fact that using it on a frequent basis could cause death at any point.

2. Alcohol: In Toronto, there are a good number of individuals who are also addicted to alcoholic substances such as wine, liquor and beer, and these substances certainly have a negative effect on both the mind and body. Research has shown that alcohol steps up the dopamine level in the brain.

3. Cocaine: According to research in Toronto, a good number of people are also hooked on cocaine. Cocaine works by affecting the dopamine level in the brain, which prevents the neurons in the brain which signals the “feel good” signal. This makes the pathways of the brain to be abnormally activated.

4. Caffeine: In Toronto, people are also addicted to Caffeine. It is a stimulant which is found in the conventional diet such as sodas, candies, teas and coffees. Taking half cup of coffee has the tendency to induce physical dependence and also withdrawal symptoms. When caffeine is taken in much quantity, it could cause rapid heart rate and anxiety feelings.

5. Junk Food: In addition to the above listed substances, residents of Toronto have also been found to be addicted to Junk food which are high in sugar and fat, and they are known to stimulate the brain, just in the same manner in which it is stimulated by other opiates and heroin.