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If you are an individual who is suffering from the effects of addiction, it is essential to know that there is help present. It is equally essential to note that there are various kinds of help to select from. Some could decide to opt for a program where they would get sober by going for meetings. Those who have been addicted for quite a while, would rather go for residential care, and it is actually appropriate.

Addiction can be said to be a chronic disease, and it is known that the rate of relapse for a good number of programs, is very high. Research has also shown that for individuals who had 90 days of treatment, only about 18% had reported cases of relapse after a year.

There are lots of differences which exists among residential rehab programs, some are quite prominent, while some are indirect and elusive. However, one of the biggest differences which exists among programs, is if the center is private or public.
A public funded addiction center is one which is sponsored by the government, while a private funded addiction center, is one which is sponsored by well-to-do individuals.

One of the benefits of utilizing a publicly funded addiction center is the fact that, those who are addicted to any substance abuse, and do not have the funds to pay for treatment, can access public treatment centers, and it comes quintessential in this case because, if only private funded addiction centers were to exists, there would be an alarming and increasing rate of people who are suffering from addiction, and certainly have no hope of recovering.

However, one of the downsides is, since publicly funded addiction centers are offered at little or no cost, there is most times a high demand for the services given. This implies that if you opt for this type of treatment, you would have to wait a while, before you receive your treatment.
As regards privately owned addiction treatment centers, you would have to pay more based on the fact that they are not sponsored by the government. However, you can be well assured that your money is well spent.

In addition to this, privately owned addiction treatment centers, are more or less like a luxury or executive treatment, which implies that you would be treated according to how well you pay.
Conclusively, it is advised that you get all the help you can access, if you or your family or friends are hooked on addiction.