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In the last couple of years, the demerits of Fentanyl have been highlighted. It is something which you can neither see, smell or taste. However, it is only a little amount of opioid which is very deadly.

With reference to an alert which was released by the Ottawa Police service and Ottawa public health, illegal fentanyl has been perceived in fake prescription medications which are produced to look just like Percocet or Oxycontin pills. The toxicity is one hundred times more than morphine, and the chances of accidental overdoses are quite higher.

These fake drugs which were found in Ottawa, have been caught up in the latest life-threatening overdoses which have caused the loss of very promising young individuals, leaving an entire community wondering if the community is going through an “opioid crisis.”

In addition to this, from a survey released by the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey, around 60% of substance users who were aged between 15-24, commenced using fentanyl between the ages of 11-15 years. Also, one in every six students have been known to use the prescription drug for recreational purposes.

The fentanyl condition is one like no other, as a very small amount which is as minute as a grain of rice, has been known to cause an overdose. Also, the danger inherent in its usage does not only affect the youth who is enmeshed in addiction, it also affects the distinction-student, the star athlete, the insurgent, the introvert and other categories of people.

In Ottawa, there are a good number of initiatives which are springing up in a bid to ensure that the usage of fentanyl drops, and people come to fully understand the dangers associated with its use.

On a conventional basis, to curb this ill, youths and their families must be provided with ample counselling support, treatment and education for addiction, across all the high schools in Ottawa.
With this move, it would certainly get more people engaged, and if it is kept constant, the level of fentanyl usage in Ottawa would drop considerably.