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Naloxone is a medication which can temporarily repel the effects of having an opioid overdose. Examples of opioid include: Heroin, codeine, fentanyl, morphine and codeine. In Ottawa, Naloxone can be gotten for free via programs such as shelters, outreach programs, community agencies, local pharmacies and withdrawal management programs.

It can also be accessed by people who are at risk of having an overdose, and also people who have the capacity to assist someone who is already on overdose.
The working function of the Naloxone is amazing, during an opioid overdose, the breathing of a person either slows down or stops, then Naloxone obstructs the effect which opioids has on the brain. For a while, it reverses these effects which it has on the individual’s breathing pattern. Naloxone has the capacity to obstruct death or damage to the brain, from the absence of oxygen.

In Ottawa, residents are informed that Naloxone would only have its positive effect on overdoses which are related to opioid. It is also necessary to bear in mind that a good number of other drugs are being expurgated with Fentanyl.
Once Naloxone has been administered to a patient, it takes an average of 2 to 3 minutes, before it starts working. Naloxone stays functional in the body for around 2 hours. However, it is essential to know that a good number of opioids remain active in the body for more than 2 hours.

In cases when the Naloxone has worn off, and the opioid is still in the body, the overdose could resurface.
When it comes to the use of Naloxone, there are no age restrictions, as it is a safe medication which can be used across all ages. Having an opioid overdose has the capacity to threaten life, which can be momentarily reversed by Naloxone.

Naloxone has been known to save a lot of lives in Ottawa, and it is however advised that, in cases when there is a known record of allergy to Naloxone or its constituents.
It is also recommended that, in cases when there seems to be any positive change, the affected individual should contact a certified healthcare provider in Ottawa.