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If there is no treatment in place, addiction to alcohol has the capacity to rob you of every essential thing you have, which includes your relationship, health, finances and the likes.

There are many questions which an addict would most likely be asked when participating at an alcohol detox program in Ottawa, and one of it is, “If the person drinks frequently”, if the person’s reply is in the affirmative, then there is a likely chance that the next question which is going to be asked is “if the person has ever undergone a detoxification process prior to the present time”.

It is highly important that for each question which is posed at an alcoholic, should be answered correctly, as the reply to these questions would dictate how the treatment or detoxification process would go. In Ottawa, a detox and rehab program is quintessential in getting rid of alcohol addiction.

The questions which are asked by the programme officer, are also done in a bid to ensure and establish the fact if the alcohol addict is at risk or not, for kindling. Kindling is a condition which is accompanied by obsessive convulsions which are followed by rounds of restlessness and hallucination.

These convulsions tend to be very theatrical, and has a firm way on the staff’s handling of the person’s detoxification. One of the symptoms which shows that the alcoholic is at a probable risk for kindling, is that they do not experience the usual withdrawal symptoms.

At first, they would be going through the whole alcohol detoxification procedure and performing well, then it gets to a point where convulsions set in. If the addict has experienced convulsions in a past detoxification, there is a likely chance that the addict would also experience convulsion if they relapse and go through the entire detoxification process again.

This is one of the explanations why experts express their worry if the individual does not remain sober after the completion of the rehabilitation process.

As earlier mentioned, alcohol addiction has no positive effect on the life of an individual, and it is essential that the addict stops early enough before it gets to a stage where it is unstoppable. Such addict is advised to go through a detoxification programme in order to receive the best of treatments.