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Addiction Treatment Modalities

Valiant Recovery in Ottawa is a Top Quality Rehab facility and provides drug addiction help as well as alcohol addiction assistance. Our rehab residence is a safe place with care staff who provide a compassionate environment.

Our Treatment Plans Have a Wide Variety Including

  • faith focused emotional healing
  • in-depth private counseling sessions
  • experiential activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and skiing
  • compassionate, non-judgmental peer support.

Valiant Recovery staff

The Valiant Recovery staff is certified in their areas of specialty with extensive experience. Every client will receive care, catered to their needs. We understand that each person’s walk is unique and will create custom plans that are catered to each person’s road to recovery. Medical aspects that need to be taken into consideration for drug and alcohol recovery and detox are in-depth. Our counselors are well trained in all medical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction and have a wealth of experience to draw from in every situation.

Addictions Recovery

Recovery from addiction comes in typical phases and they are listed below. Living in a life of sobriety is our goal for every individual who joins us at our rehab facility in Ottawa. We help addicts attain the goal of sobriety by providing support at every phase.

Intervention is a crucial moment that could change a loved one’s life. It will be stressful, scary and will take work to intervene on a person with an addiction. If you are reading this it is time to act. Let us help with our Intervention Assistance.

Detox is a very important step in recovery. A managed detox process reduces complications and has benefits that include FEWER withdrawal symptoms. Our Valiant Recovery, 24-hour staff in Ottawa provide professional, caring detox service.

Addictions are outward responses to internal wounds. Although the outside actions (addiction) need to be treated, we focus on what cannot be seen, the “initial (internal) wound.” Review our rehab treatments and call 1 (877) 327-1294.

Preventing relapse is very important for recovery success and the Valiant Recovery rehab program provides and Ottawa residence with peer support and can help along the way.

Keeping the momentum of healing after rehab is important. Counseling can be the key that allows recovering addicts to reduce the risk of reusing; therefore, it is helpful to continue sessions with the counselor that helped you during recovery.

Families can recover from addictions, but it is not always simple. This is the reason that we provide counseling opportunities for the families of our clients as well.

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