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The Ottawa Valiant Recovery Experience

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A road sign pointing to the path of Addiction recovery.What the Experience at Valiant Recovery looks like.

Each person that goes through our Ottawa Rehab program their experience is a little different. This is because we have all arrived at the place we are at in life, in different ways. Some of us had a difficult childhood, while others had what could be described as a perfect one. At Valiant Recovery, we want to address all of the negative things in our lives and what has brought us to this point. This means that each person’s recovery program looks different. 

That being said there are many similarities between each person program and recovery.

Valiant Behavioural Health for Addiction Recovery.

Valiant Behavioural Health is a leading addiction and mental health organization that integrates evidence based practice with pragmatic and creative treatment approaches, meeting clients where they are.

Valiant Behavioural Health offers a full range of addiction treatment services. These services can often be integrated with one another with clients moving from detox, to treatment to sober living. This is very beneficial to clients because an entire treatment plan can be tailored to meet their individual needs. Our philosophy and approach are experienced throughout the programs, which brings stability and comfort to clients as well as helps them move further along in finding balance in their lives. Clients are treated with respect and dignity in all of our programs and will find professional and experienced staff running them. 

Benefits of Our Programs:

  • A Renewed Sense of Self Determination
  • A Renewed Sense of Community
  • Effective and Meaningful Intensive Group and Individual Therapy
  • A Fresh, Holistic View of Addiction
  • Professional Staff that Believe in You
  • Up-to-Date Addiction Research
  • Engaging Workshop Topics
  • Long Term Support
  • Life Skills Development
  • Caring and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Doctor Support
  • A Place to Get Well and Realize Recovery

Valiant Behavioural Health Residential Treatment Facility: We only take a maximum of 6 males or females at a time. This helps to ensure that no one slips through the cracks. in Larger centers it is hard to be heard among the crowd. At the Crossing Point your voice is important. Peer discussion in group sessions is a great place to hear others tell their stories of support and inspiration. Being a small center allows all the clients to develop lasting relationships, that can be supportive out in the real world.


Residential program offers:

  • An intimate 6 Client Maximum
  • Supportive and Welcoming Environment
  • Professional and compassionate staff
  • Nutritious Meals
  • 8 sessions of 1 on 1 private counselling per month
  • Private or Semi-Private Rooms
  • Queen or double beds
  • Comfortable and Clean Accommodations
  • There are two client living rooms fitted with television, books, and games, however we encourage more recreational activities.
  • Walks, Hikes and Recreational opportunities on the weekends after trust is built.

Please read some of our past clients experience while in treatment at Valiant Recovery.


Here are a few photos of the facility’s at Valiant Recovery, we want you to feel like you are at home during recovery.


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