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Live Free Recovery Services is New Hampshire’s leading provider of detox and rehabilitation services. We have had the honor of working with clients from all over the Granite State. This includes patients from Concord, Manchester, and, indeed, Portsmouth.

If you’re considering visiting our Portsmouth detox center, you may be wondering if detox is the right choice for you. With so many rehabilitation services in Portsmouth, it may seem only natural that you would forgo the detox process entirely and enter straight into a rehab program. Even though we operate the leading Portsmouth rehabilitation center, we are very much opposed to such a decision. We’re going to be explaining just why that is in this article.

Read on for this comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of pursuing a detox program before enrolling in a rehab center in Portsmouth.

Pros Of Detox

Medical Threats Minimized

When the body has developed a dependency on a certain substance, it tends to react negatively when that substance is removed. As such, many people experience medical issues when they attempt to give up their drug of choice. For some, this is limited to aches and pains. In more extreme cases, however, these medical issues can include vomiting, hallucinations, fainting spells, and worse. For this reason, a period of supervised detoxification is highly recommended before pursuing inpatient rehabilitation in Portsmouth.

Clarity Of Mind And Body

At Live Free Recovery Services, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive rehabilitation programs. However, these programs require the patient to be fully invested if they are to be successful. This is yet another reason why we suggest a detox program to anybody considering our rehabilitation services in New Hampshire. A purpose-designed detox treatment plan will give your body the opportunity to adjust to functioning without drugs or alcohol. This, in turn, will allow you to enter into our recovery clinic with full clarity of body and mind, thus markedly increasingly your chances of achieving permanent sobriety.

Detox Streamlines The Recovery Process

Many people choose to forgo a detoxification program as they erroneously believe it will prolong the formal recovery process. While it is true that pursuing an official detox program does require the patient to put off rehabilitation until that program is completed, it often proves the faster choice. If you enter into rehab in Portsmouth without having first completed a period of detoxification, you’re still going to experience the health issues typical of drugs and alcohol leaving the body. The only difference is you will already be deep into your rehabilitation course. This will, of course, impede your process and leave you with little choice but to repeat certain modules, while patients who committed to an official detox period pass you by.


Additional Expense

The one notable con of completing a Portsmouth detox program before entering into a rehabilitation center is the additional expense. Thankfully, many clinics, including Live Free Recovery Services, work with the major insurance companies to allow their patients to pursue detox and rehabilitation without draining their bank accounts.

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