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Clinical Director – DR. Mika Sillanpaa, CACCF, CCCCA, DCC, IEEFT, MDiv, GPP, CASC, PHD(cand)

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Mika often says “Working at Valiant never feels like work.”

Being passionate about Recovery and Learning Mika continues to regularly upgrade his Education, he takes new courses to help him stay current with the Latest Therapies available.

Client Testimonies about Mika

“Our son spent 3 months at Valiant Behavioural Health just outside of Ottawa. We have nothing but wonderful things to share about his successful stay and the life skill coaching he received at this time. We feel so very grateful towards Mika, the main coordinator, and all of the other staff members who gave our son the necessary tools for recovery. Our son is now living on his own, and working full time. We are so very proud of him!!

Before arriving to Valiant, our son suffered from depression, chronic OCD, trauma and social anxiety, all making his life very difficult. Despite numerous visits to different clinics and doctors , we were unable to find him effective help so that he could reach his aspirations and goals. Before his treatment at Valiant, just getting out of bed and starting his daily routines were such challenges most days.

The understanding and kindness we received right away from Mika, once we contacted Valiant, was so reassuring. He offered us many phone calls and answered all of our concerns and questions directly before our decision to send our son to their facility.

Upon our arrival, we were happily greeted by Mika and another friendly councillor. Their kindness and welcoming manner were so appreciated. The center is set up like a house and the clients are treated like family. They all eat together and play board games and watch movies with the councillors during the evenings. Our son sure appreciated the councillors sense of humour and the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere they created in the home. The clients shared common household chores on the weekends and enjoyed walking trails and different events together. Any alone time that is needed, is respected and allowed.

Mika has carefully chosen his skilled and very caring councillors who deliver an amazing daily program that he has developed for the clients. Our son enjoyed the group lessons and discussions and also greatly benefited from the private individualized counselling given as well. Valiant provided our son with the hope, faith and tools to stay on task and developed his confidence to pursue his dreams. They helped him with his anxiety and redirected his self doubts and negative thoughts into positive and constructive behaviours.

We are so proud of our son’s growing accomplishments thus far and his new found energy. We greatly thank Mika and his wonderful staff members for giving our dear son such a magnificent life experience that he will benefit from forever. We highly recommend that anyone who is suffering, reach out to Mika at Valiant. We are forever grateful for the tremendous help they provided to our son and family and to the difference it has made in both his and our lives.

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