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How to get Residential Treatment Centre Services

Addiction Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program offering recovery from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sex addiction and mental health issues.

All inquiries can be directed to our Toll Free Number located on the website that you have been browsing.  Please mention where you found us and which website you have been looking at as we have many locations.

Depending on what service you are looking for or a combination of services, our admissions staff would be more than willing to discuss the process with you. 

We offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 day treatment programs. The costs associated with treatment vary depending on a number of factors. These can include the following: whether detox is required, the specific nature of the addiction, the level of program you have decided upon and other various factors.   It is very important to speak honestly with one of our admission specialists about the individual in need of help. Gaining proper insight into the case specifics will give us the best initial assessment as how to move forward. To give pricing information online, without the proper facts, could be misleading. This is the reason we keep our pricing off of our websites unless they have been specifically requested. If you call admissions you can request an information package which will contain pricing information.

Valiant Recovery Inc. which is our parent company offers private residential treatment services through our centers. We are a pay for fee service. What this means is that we are not government funded, nor are we covered by provincial healthcare.  

Valiant Behavioral Health Inc. accepts:

Certified Cheques


Debit Card

All major credit cards for deposit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Direct Deposit or Wire Transfers

Medicard Financing

Valiant Behavioural Health offers a full range of addiction treatment services. These services can often be integrated with one another with clients moving from detox, to treatment to sober living. This is very beneficial to clients because an entire treatment plan can be tailored to meet their individual needs. Our philosophy and approach are experienced throughout the programs, which brings stability and comfort to clients as well as helps them move further along in finding balance in their lives. Clients are treated with respect and dignity in all of our programs and will find professional and experienced staff running them. 

Benefits of Our Programs:

  • A Renewed Sense of Self Determination
  • A Renewed Sense of Community
  • Effective and Meaningful Intensive Group and Individual Therapy
  • A Fresh, Holistic View of Addiction
  • Professional Staff that Believe in You
  • Up-to-Date Addiction Research
  • Engaging Workshop Topics
  • Long Term Support
  • Life Skills Development
  • Caring and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Doctor Support
  • A Place to Get Well and Realize Recovery

Valiant Behavioural Health Residential Treatment Facility: We only take a maximum of 6 males or females at a time. This helps to ensure that no one slips through the cracks. in Larger centers it is hard to be heard among the crowd. At Valiant Behavioural Health your voice is important. Peer discussion in group sessions is a great place to hear others tell their stories of support and inspiration. Being a small center allows all the clients to develop lasting relationships, that can be supportive out in the real world. Residential program offers:

  • An intimate 8 Client Maximum
  • Supportive and Welcoming Environment
  • Professional and compassionate staff
  • Nutritious Meals
  • 8 sessions of 1 on 1 private counselling per month
  • Private or Semi-Private Rooms
  • Twin or Double sized beds
  • Comfortable and Clean Accommodations
  • There are two client living rooms fitted with television, books, and games, however we encourage more recreational activities.
  • Walks, Hikes and Recreational opportunities on the weekends after trust is built.

Our goal: We want to meet the client where they are on the road to recovery and provide the tools that they need to move further along this continuum. We emphasize self-determination, personal responsibility and encourage our clients to re-write their life stories in a motivational, supportive environment.

The Program: We offer an intensive, residential program (30-90 days). The core components of this program are group therapy, individual therapy, psycho-educational workshops, and fitness.

Group Therapy:  Keeping with our low residential capacity of 8  clients per residence, we are able to keep our groups small and personal, with a maximum of 10 clients when clients come together.  In group therapy, clients will be examining their lives and addictions through various exercises, projects, and general group work. 

Our Technique:  We believe strongly in dealing with many of the underlying issues that are fueling the addiction , so groups will pinpoint topics such as anxiety, depression, anger management, codependency, and boundaries.

Our Small Groups and Pyscho-educational workshops include topics such as:

  • Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Neurobiology of Addiction
  • Changing Beliefs
  • Managing Stress
  • Self Esteem
  • Feelings and Positive Thinking
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Codependency
  • Boundaries
  • 12 step
  • ADHD 
  • Boredom 

Guarantees: We firmly believe in After Care to support our Valiant Behavioural Health. We have a dedicated member of our team standing by, wanting and waiting to help you through your recovery process. We include 2 sessions of phone counselling for every 30 days you stay with us at no additional charge to you.

Our approach to treatment: We hold a non-judgemental, holistic perspective and encourage clients to take responsibility for their own lives and recovery. We view our clients as capable adults who are valuable members of our society and who are quite able to change the direction of their lives. We do, however, recognize that the recovery process looks different for everyone.

Since our Ottawa Program is new offering of Valiant recovery Inc. we have not started doing videos reviews for that location.  Here are some Video Reviews of our sister program that has been on going for 10 years:

Residential Treatment:

There are no referrals needed.

Detox will be provided for clients prior to treatment when needed. Speak to admissions to receive more details.

Clients must be clean and sober prior to entering directly into treatment.

Past Therapists or Physician notes, are an asset prior to starting treatment, and will aid in your recovery time.

Funding: Make sure you have funding in place for your stay in treatment. There is Payment Information and financing options located below.

Medications: Prescription Medication forms should be filled out by your doctor, and brought with you into treatment.  Certain medications are prohibited in treatment, please speak to admissions for more information.

Withdrawal Management (Detox):

  • Detox is only provided in conjunction with Residential treatment.
  • We do not provide government funded beds as we are a private facility. If you are looking for a government program, keep in mind the waiting period may be longer and you will have to   contact them directly to obtain more information.

Valiant Recovery Inc. which is our parent company offers private residential treatment services through our centers. We are a pay for fee service. What this means is that we are not government funded, nor are we covered by provincial healthcare.

Valiant recovery Inc.  accepts:

  • Certified Cheques
  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • All major credit cards for deposit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • Direct Deposit or Wire Transfers
  • Medicard Financing


Residential Addiction Treatment with Convenient Payment Plans

Our Valiant Recovery Inc. Addiction Recovery Payment Plan may assist you in the purchase cost of your treatment. We have payment plan options that can be tailored to your needs. Please contact our intake coordinator today or fill out the brief form below for more information.

Patient financing for Treatment  is available through Medicard iFinance Canada. Medicard offers a variety of ways to pay for medical services. You can choose to finance the full amount or a portion. Equal monthly payments can be customized to suit your budget; payment options range from 6 months to 6 years.

Get the Care You Need When You Need It

Medicard’s Patient Financing Program is a simple, affordable way to get the addiction treatment you need when you need it. There are no delays with Medicard financing: Valiant Recovery Inc. will be paid in full, which will hold your spot in our treatment program.  Then you can choose from a variety of convenient financing options that are affordable for you. Apply for Medicard’s Patient Financing Program online at Medicard.

About Medicard

Medicard has helped patients get the care they need for nearly two decades. Since 1996 Medicard has strived to be the company that Canadians in need think of when they need medical, dental, or veterinary procedures, by offering flexible solutions to help you pay for your medical services. Medicard has received extensive recognition and awards — a direct result of the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have used our programs to seek out quality care they may not otherwise have had access to, and who are living better because of it.

Medicard services are recognized by more than 10,000 medical, dental, and veterinary offices across Canada, so when you find the healthcare services you need, Medicard will be there for you.

How Does Medicard Work?

  • No down payment
  • No collateral needed
  • Approval rating is high
  • Interest rates are competitive
  • No penalties for early payment

Approval for financing is as simple as filling out an online application. Our flexible financing options mean you can request as much or as little Medicard funding as you need, and client applications are typically approved quickly. Medicard is committed to getting you the quality care you need, and our friendly staff will help you with any questions you have.

How to Apply for Financing

  1. First determine the financial amount you’d like to apply toward your care. This means calling us and discussing intake and the program that suits your needs the best.  Once you know how much to ask for, Medicard can pre-approve an amount that offers you the flexibility to choose a care provider you’re comfortable with.
  2. Choose your financing term: as little as six months or as long as six years.
  3. Submit your completed application through Medicard’s secure online platform at or via fax at 888.689.9862.
  4. Medicard will notify you of your approved amount by phone.
  5. Medicard will confidentially fax or email your documents for you to sign.
  6. Sign and return the documents, along with a voided cheque, to Medicard.
  7. Medicard will pay your service provider directly.
  8. Your monthly payment will be automatically debited from your chequing account.

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