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Emotions That Can Challenge Your Addiction Recovery

Mental Health and Addiction

Addiction itself is an emotional disease. Addiction usually stems from some sort of emotion:
anger, frustration, anxiety, depression. Likewise, addiction also causes these kinds of emotions.

So, when it comes to addiction recovery, you will find yourself having to confront these
emotions you have been carrying around for all this time. And unfortunately, you have likely
been masking them with your addiction – meaning you haven’t really had to deal with them
fully before.

It will be hard, and it will be uncomfortable. But it isn’t impossible. Emotions are a natural part
of life, and learning how to deal with them in a healthy way can be life changing, especially
when it comes to managing your sobriety long-term.

During your addiction recovery, here are some emotions you will probably have to deal with
that could make things challenging:


Shame is often accompanied by feelings of low self-value, low self-esteem, and a feeling of

helplessness when it comes to improving your life.

You might feel embarrassed of the habit you have carried around and the person it has made
you become.


Guilt is often confused with shame. Guilt isn’t being embarrassed, it is feeling bad for how you
have acted, the people you have hurt, etc.

While this emotion isn’t fun, it is in some way good because it shows you have remorse for your
actions and understand the impact they have had.


What will life be like without your addiction? Yes, it has had many negative impacts on your life
and the sound of life without this burden sounds amazing.

However, your addiction has become your crutch and it is comfortable to you. It is what you

The thought of living life without addiction can be intimidating.


The cycle of loneliness during addiction recovery is one that can make it too hard for people to
finish successfully.

Even if you are surrounded by a support system, you can still find yourself feeling lonely.

You are having to cut ties with people that aren’t healthy for you, and you are going through
something most might not understand.

Remember, you are stronger than your addiction.

While it might be difficult, addiction recovery is not impossible. It is time to start looking into
Addiction Treatment and working through these emotions today.

There are positive ways to deal with each and every one of these emotions, and we can help
you through that process.