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Rehab Ottawa

Rehab Ottawa

If you’re seeking professional assistance for your addiction problem, either for you or someone you love, we invite you to discover Valiant Recovery! We have built an outstanding rehab in Ottawa that features a multitude of high-end rehabilitation and recovery programs meant to deliver immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Is rehab necessary for drug addiction?

Not only it is necessary, but it’s the only way to defeat the disease as well. Drug addiction and alcoholism are different forms of substance addiction, and they are chronic disorders. They progress fast, are incredibly destructive long-term, and have no cure. The only way to defeat substance addiction is by adopting a well-optimized management strategy to prevent relapse over the years.

For that, you must join the rehab treatment immediately. The rehabilitation program that we’re offering features a multi-disciplinary approach, based on a holistic philosophy. We treat people holistically, in the sense that we address physical diseases with the same proficiency we do for mental disorders and even emotional and spiritual problems. This system has proven ideal for helping people regain control over their lives.

The benefits of addiction rehab

The primary benefit of the rehab treatment is the fact that it helps you regain your ability to fight back against your disease. Most, if not all, addicts find it difficult to accept their problem, to begin with, which keeps them trapped in the same never-ending cycle of substance abuse and relapse. Everything will change once you join our rehab treatment.

During our rehab in Ottawa, you will participate in a sophisticated rehab program which includes medical detox, psychotherapy, counseling, recreational activities, and relapse prevention strategies. The long-term benefits will speak for themselves:

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcome emotional traumas
  • Successfully manage co-occurring disorders like anxiety, PTSD, or depression
  • Acquire a higher level of self-knowledge
  • Grow more optimistic, with a more well-defined purpose in life
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Become more sociable and work for a better career, etc.

The necessity of early rehab

The sooner you begin the rehabilitation treatment, the easier it will be to achieve your freedom. Substance addiction is difficult enough to combat in its primary stages, let alone in its more aggravated forms. If you suspect you may have a drug or alcohol problem, take our online evaluation test and compare the results!

For a clearer picture of your situation, we advise you to contact us via our hotline today! You will talk to an expert about your problem and discuss the strategy together. Next step – coming to our center for clinical assessment and meeting the family.

Help a family member with an addiction

If someone in your family displays signs of addiction, contact us for an urgent intervention! One of our interventionists will work with you to set up a meeting for discussion and for confronting the patient as soon as possible. For best results, we must address the disease in its incipient stages.

Contact our experts, at Valiant Recovery, and begin the rehab in Ottawa today! Under our guidance and with our professionals’ assistance, your addiction will become a thing of the past.

Rehab Ottawa
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