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Rehab Ottawa Ontario

Rehab Ottawa Ontario

Whether you are looking for urgent rehab assistance for you or someone dear to you, struggling with addiction, Valiant Recovery is your best bet. Our rehab in Ottawa, Ontario, offers comprehensive treatment and long-lasting recovery support for anyone, regardless of age, medical status, or social background.

Can addiction be cured?

Because it is a chronic disorder, substance addiction doesn’t have a cure at the moment. The treatment relies on detox and therapy as a means to overcome the withdrawal and stabilize the patient’s condition, and long-term management and prevention to avoid the relapse. You will remain sober so long as you stay focused on your personal and professional goals, and our mission is to make sure you do.

We have a team of experts from all fields of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, human behavior, and health, ready to support you on your road of self-discovery. With our help, you will overcome your addiction, and fight your way towards a better life.

Convincing an addict to start the rehab

To convince someone you love to join the treatment, you need to stage an intervention as soon as you can. The intervention is the process of confronting the victim about the problem, and make promises as well as threats, depending on how they will behave next. The purpose of the intervention is to reach a consensus and convince the addict that the rehab is necessary.

If you want to bring them to our rehab in Ottawa, Ontario, you must be ready to stand your ground no matter what it takes. All victims of addiction will display some form of manipulative behavior, including blaming others, deny the problem, or posing as victims to trigger your empathy and support. If you’re going to threaten them to withdraw your help if they don’t join the rehab, you must be ready to stand up to your words. It will be a wake-up call that will bring them on the right path.

What happens on the first day of rehab?

The first procedure you’ll be going through is the preliminary assessment. This is where our professionals will analyze your clinical status and build the rehab strategy accordingly. The detoxification phase will begin immediately after, with you following a strict medication program to detox and stabilize your physiological functioning. During that time, you will receive dual-diagnosis treatment, along with comprehensive therapy and emotional assistance.

The first day is also the moment when you will meet our family, make acquaintance with other patients, and accustom yourself with the environment. After all, it will become your home for the following months. During our rehab in Ottawa, Ontario, you will begin a new journey – one of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

With our help, you will discover your life’s true meaning, as you mature and work your way to a better future. Valiant Recovery offers a revolutionary rehab system that combines the latest medical treatments with innovative therapies and holistic approaches. Come to our center, and reclaim your freedom today!

Rehab Ottawa Ontario
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