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Drug Rehab Hollywood

Article provided by: West Hollywood ATC

Drug Rehab Hollywood

We advise contacting our professionals immediately for personalized treatment and effective rehabilitation services for drug rehab in Hollywood. West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center promotes safe and comfortable detox and residential services in a serene and home-like environment. Professional detox is the safest and most reliable procedure for overcoming withdrawal.

How drug detox works

The drug detoxification procedure consists of three procedural components:

  1. Medical evaluation during intake – Assessing the patients’ physical and mental state, gathering information about their addiction conditions, co-occurring disorders, and withdrawal symptoms. This procedure allows our professionals to craft a personalized rehabilitation plan to promote a comfortable and reliable recovery experience.
  2. Medication management and therapy – We rely on medication and therapeutic procedures to stabilize your nervous system, cleanse your body of toxins, and diminish the withdrawal’s effects. The detox procedures are key to combating the withdrawal effectively, inhibit cravings, and eliminating drug-related residual toxins from your body.
  3. Dual diagnosis treatment – Most addiction victims struggle with mental issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. Others battle anger problems, stress, or other conditions that impact their quality of life and prevent them from achieving sustainable sobriety. Our dual diagnosis treatment aims to correct these issues via supervised medication, therapy, counseling, relapse prevention education, and social reintegration support.

What follows after drug detox?

After completing the detoxification treatment, which usually lasts several days to two weeks, you qualify for the residential treatment. The residential program is paramount for successful and sustainable sobriety, as it places patients in a controlled recovery environment. Our premier rehabilitation center ensures top-notch comfort, along with leading amenities with private rooms, a private pool, and gourmet meals for smooth drug rehab in Hollywood.

The rehab program will last for several weeks, depending on your disorder’s severity and your progress during treatment, during which you will engage in multiple recovery programs. We use therapies, medication, and counseling sessions to:

  • Boost your spirit and self-esteem
  • Allow you to fight harmful and negative emotions and thoughts
  • Motivate you to pursue long-term recovery goals
  • Help you understand your addiction’s underlying causes so we can fight them together
  • Support you in joining our recovery community for peer support and moral guidance
  • Prepare you for a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle post-rehab and much more.

We have designed our program to work as the perfect tool for social reintegration, allowing you to learn the ways and perks of a sober and prosperous life after rehab.

The best outpatient programs for drug addiction

If you require additional rehabilitation services after completing our residential treatment, we will happily recommend you to some of our partner outpatient facilities. This will allow you to seek the outpatient treatment you need to heal from addiction and work on a healthier lifestyle routine while living in the comfort of your home.

Call West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, discuss with our leading rehab specialists, and make an appointment today! You can come in for clinical assessment as soon as possible and begin the detox treatment shortly. Dare to dream, quit the addiction, and your life will never be the same again!

Drug Rehab Hollywood

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Drug Rehab Hollywood

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