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Christian Based Drug Rehab in Lancaster

Article provided by: New Day Rehab Center

Christian Based Drug Rehab in Lancaster

At New Day, we have established ourselves as one of the best options when it comes to faith-based drug and alcohol rehab centers for people of all ages and with any type of addiction disorder.

Our team is well aware that overcoming an addiction to drugs or other substances can be one of the most difficult struggles a person can have in their life, and that is why we bring together the best professionals in the industry to design a holistic program that is not only based on psychological foundations but also on spiritual foundations of the Christian faith. This goes beyond offering addiction treatment for Christians. It is more about helping people overcome addiction by considering more components of their life than just the psychological and physical effects of addiction. 

This is how our spiritual rehab programs work:

Like other Christian drug rehab centers, our programs take the scientific basis of regular rehab centers and add spiritual components that allow our patients to learn about the fundamentals of the Christian faith and the principles upon which they can build their recovery process. This allows patients to have a more manageable process that is easier to maintain over time.

There are three fundamental components of our rehabilitation program. They are detoxification, psychological and spiritual therapy, and aftercare following the main process. And in each of these stages, the teaching of the principles of Christian living is present throughout, allowing our patients to have a model to rely on in order to successfully overcome the difficult process of overcoming substance addiction.

These three main steps are complemented by other aspects of our programs, such as activities to regain physical and socialization skills so that our patients can approach their recovery from multiple angles rather than focusing on a single aspect of the problem.

Each patient requires a personalized approach that is specifically tailored to their needs and the physical, mental and spiritual conditions in which they find themselves. That is why in our Christ-centered drug rehab program, we use a flexible approach that allows us to better meet the needs of each patient. We mold our program to our patients rather than making our patients mold to our program. 

The idea behind our rehab program is that our patients overcome their addiction through a process that invites them to better understand their thoughts, their emotional needs, and their spiritual vocation through the guidance and accompaniment of our experts in the areas of health, psychology, and spirituality. 

Each of our patients is accompanied in all stages of the rehabilitation process by a multidisciplinary team of experts who provide the tools to lead a long, healthy life free of substance abuse.

In most cases, patients who go through our rehabilitation program achieve a complete recovery at their own pace and also manage to reinsert themselves back into society.

Our program is today a reference among Christian rehabilitation centers for the results we have achieved. Contact New Day Rehab Centers for the best addiction counseling and treatment in town.

Christian Based Drug Rehab in Lancaster