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If you are an individual who is suffering from the effects of addiction, it is essential to know that there is help present. It is equally essential to note that there are various kinds of help to select from. Some could decide to opt for a program where they would get sober by going for meetings. Those who have been addicted for quite a while, would rather go for residential care, and it is actually appropriate.

Addiction can be said to be a chronic disease, and it is known that the rate of relapse for a good number of programs, is very high. Research has also shown that for individuals who had 90 days of treatment, only about 18% had reported cases of relapse after a year.

There are lots of differences which exists among residential rehab programs, some are quite prominent, while some are indirect and elusive. However, one of the biggest differences which exists among programs, is if the center is private or public.
A public funded addiction center is one which is sponsored by the government, while a private funded addiction center, is one which is sponsored by well-to-do individuals.

One of the benefits of utilizing a publicly funded addiction center is the fact that, those who are addicted to any substance abuse, and do not have the funds to pay for treatment, can access public treatment centers, and it comes quintessential in this case because, if only private funded addiction centers were to exists, there would be an alarming and increasing rate of people who are suffering from addiction, and certainly have no hope of recovering.

However, one of the downsides is, since publicly funded addiction centers are offered at little or no cost, there is most times a high demand for the services given. This implies that if you opt for this type of treatment, you would have to wait a while, before you receive your treatment.
As regards privately owned addiction treatment centers, you would have to pay more based on the fact that they are not sponsored by the government. However, you can be well assured that your money is well spent.

In addition to this, privately owned addiction treatment centers, are more or less like a luxury or executive treatment, which implies that you would be treated according to how well you pay.
Conclusively, it is advised that you get all the help you can access, if you or your family or friends are hooked on addiction.


There are diverse treatment programs in Ontario which are useful for an addict who wants to recover. Based on the fact that the intensity of alcohol and drug addiction are different across all individuals, this implies that the format of the treatment programs cannot be constant across the same group of individuals.

For individuals who would want to detach themselves from their damaging and devastating lifestyle, by recovering in an environment which is safe, and handled by professionals. This form of treatment is referred to as Residential and Inpatient programs.

The other type of treatment program in Ontario, is referred to as Outpatient treatment, and it is a form of rehab which caters for individuals who only have one option of recovery, and they have to integrate their treatment into their already-set schedule. As a matter of fact, all programs have the intent of providing individuals who are victims of addiction, with a good number of features which would be present at an inpatient facility.

Below are some of the merit of attending addiction treatment programs in Ontario:
Stable environment: It is necessary for an individual to be treated in an environment which would aid the speed of recovery, it needs to be an environment which has no access to drugs or alcohol. This would ensure that the individual does not face the temptation of relapsing.

Professional guide: It is essential that someone who intends to recover from addiction, has a professional who can be called upon. These professional health experts would certainly ensure that you get all the help you can get till you even get back on your feet.

Sound Aftercare: For some conventional treatment centers, after you have been cleared to be free from addiction, you would be left to yourself. However, in Ontario, if you attend any treatment program, you can be sure that even after your recovery, you would still have individuals who are still going to help you prepare for your full and total transition.

The treatment centers below are present in Ontario:
Ajax residential treatment centers
Bala residential treatment centers
Brantford residential treatment centers
Brockville residential treatment centers
Burks falls residential treatment centers
Carleton place residential treatment centers
Elliot Lake residential treatment centers
Erin residential treatment centers
Fort Erie residential treatment centers
Guelph residential treatment centers


When you come to terms with the fact that you either addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is the basic step in combatting addiction, and a treatment process should follow. However, when the thought of going to rehab cross your mind, it could be a lot to take in, considering the fact that there is a lot which you would have to sacrifice, such as proximity to the ones you love amongst others.

They could prevent you from accessing the help you need.
Addiction treatment is certainly not easy, however, going to a rehab is one of the best shot at getting your life back on track.

Below are top five reasons why you should go to a rehab:
1. Gain financial steadiness: Going for a rehab, definitely helps you to save your money, rather than having to spend a lot in other to satisfy your desire whenever the addiction hunger comes knocking. Addiction could make you lose your job, and when it happens, you could be in debt and bankruptcy. There are many rehab centers that give career and education assistance which would aid you to return to normalcy.

2. Mend relationships: Addiction has the capacity to affect your relationship with family and friends, this is based on the fact that you would hardly have time for them. However, when you go to a rehab, you can be sure that with time, you would receive the best of treatments which would ensure that your relationship life gets back on track.

3. Form a support system: There is a high possibility that as an addicted individual, a good number of your friends, would be those who are also as addicted as you are. This is very detrimental to the success of your recovery. However, going to a rehab ensures that you are treated in an entirely different environment, which would prevent you from temptation, and you would also get to interact with others who are in the same shoes as you are, and are looking to get better themselves.

4. Find out the reason for your addiction: Going to a rehab, ensures that you get to know the reason why you got addicted, and how to prevent a possible relapse in the future.

5. Save your life: Eventually, going to a rehab makes sure of the fact that your life becomes free from every possibility of coming down with an illness, which has the capacity of ending your life.


Addiction is a physical and psychological inability to stop the use of taking drug, alcohol and other substances, irrespective of the fact that it causes physical and psychological harm. Addiction does not only imply that an individual would be dependent on substances such as cocaine or heroin. A person who cannot stop the use of chemical or drug, has a dependence on substance.

Addiction could also involve the inability to stop taking part in activities which could involve eating, working and gambling. In this case, the person can be said to have behavioral addiction.

Below are the top 5 addictions in Toronto:
1. Heroin: In Toronto and even in the world, Heroin happens to be the most addictive substance known. It has been said that one in every four individuals, has the chance to become addicted if they try out Heroin. In addition to this, what makes this drug particularly dangerous, is the fact that using it on a frequent basis could cause death at any point.

2. Alcohol: In Toronto, there are a good number of individuals who are also addicted to alcoholic substances such as wine, liquor and beer, and these substances certainly have a negative effect on both the mind and body. Research has shown that alcohol steps up the dopamine level in the brain.

3. Cocaine: According to research in Toronto, a good number of people are also hooked on cocaine. Cocaine works by affecting the dopamine level in the brain, which prevents the neurons in the brain which signals the “feel good” signal. This makes the pathways of the brain to be abnormally activated.

4. Caffeine: In Toronto, people are also addicted to Caffeine. It is a stimulant which is found in the conventional diet such as sodas, candies, teas and coffees. Taking half cup of coffee has the tendency to induce physical dependence and also withdrawal symptoms. When caffeine is taken in much quantity, it could cause rapid heart rate and anxiety feelings.

5. Junk Food: In addition to the above listed substances, residents of Toronto have also been found to be addicted to Junk food which are high in sugar and fat, and they are known to stimulate the brain, just in the same manner in which it is stimulated by other opiates and heroin.



According to research in Ottawa, Heroin has the capacity to affect the reward system of the brain, which enhances the tolerance of the user to the effects of the effects of the drug with time. The user needs higher doses in order to attain the exact “high” state as before. When an individual who is addicted to heroin stops its usage, the withdrawal symptoms sets in.

Drug paraphernalia and a skull showing the results of taking dtrugs and being addicted.

People who are combating heroin addiction need to keep utilizing the painful symptoms of withdrawals. A withdrawal from heroin happens to be more forceful and intense than prescription sedatives.

In Ottawa, health specialists have estimated that people who withdraw from heroin, start experiencing withdrawal symptoms between 6 to 12 hours of their last dose. Heroin detox has a striking resemblance to sedatives opioids. This is hinged on the fact that heroin leaves the system of the individual much faster than sedative.

Withdrawal or detox can be likened to an unpleasant flu case. The pain is very bad and unpleasant, and it lasts for close to week, which is as long as having a bad flu, with the symptoms reaching the peak during the second or third day.

The usual symptoms of withdrawal are listed below:
Abdominal cramping
Dilated pupils
Nausea and vomiting
Muscle aches

Heroin detox is hinged on many factors, out of which includes:
The time length of heroin abuse by the user
The quantity of heroin taken each time
The number of times heroin is taken per week
The method of taking heroin
The availability or non-availability of other medical issues

Heroin addicts are more likely to suffer from PAWS which is known as post-acute withdrawal symptoms which includes:
Poor concentration
Poor sleep
Heightened anxiety
Panic attacks
Mood swings

Below are common medications which are used in Heroin detox in Ottawa:
Methadone: This is a medication which acts quite slow, but is essential in preventing withdrawal symptoms from occurring.
Buprenorphine: This is one of the most prescribed medications for heroin withdrawal. It steps-down cravings, vomiting and aches.
Naltrexone: This medication blocks the brain receptors which react to heroin. It also reduces cravings. This medication functions best in patients who have finished detoxification.


One hope which Heroin addicts should bear in mind is, addiction to heroin can be successfully treated, without having any after-effect on one’s life. Although, the treatment should be seen as a means to prevent a chronic brain disease which might need you to manage for a long time. Heroin happens to be a very addictive substance which is known to be one of the worst and deadliest drug addictions in the world.

If you happen to be a heroin user, and you are not sure if you are addicted, there is no need to fret. Drugs addiction are known to occur quickly, and in a good number of cases, the addict does not realize that he or she is getting addicted.

Heroin addiction is a disease, and an addict cannot make the decision to stop using it based on self-will, there is a need for an external help. The few set of people who eventually succeed on their own, are at a very high risk of relapsing, based on the fact that the opiate is very powerful and addictive.

There are two categories of Heroin addiction treatment centers, which are residential and outpatient treatment centers.
One of the basic steps in heroin rehab, is to go to a detox center which is certified to have the capacity to grant treatment for symptoms based on withdrawals. In twelve hours of stopping the use of heroin, your body begins to experience those symptoms, and it is advised that you seek treatment before you relapse.

The usual withdrawal symptoms are listed below:

Asides these symptoms, there are also psychological and mental withdrawal symptoms which include: anxiety, depression, mood swings and even thoughts of suicide. In a detox facility, a medical professional could prescribe sedatives and narcotics for an addict which would not have any detrimental effect.

On an average, heroin addiction treatment takes a total of one to three months, but a good number of individuals could require additional time, and this is where aftercare is essential.
Conclusively, it is advised that people who are hooked on the use of heroin, should take prompt action if it gets uncontrollable, and it can be done by visiting a healthcare provider.