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Alcohol Rehab Ottawa Ontario

Alcohol Rehab Ottawa Ontario

Alcohol addiction sets in over years of alcohol abuse and the journey to sobriety is complex and uncertain. If you’re looking for life-saving alcohol rehab in Ottawa, Ontario, we welcome you to Valiant Recovery!

Is alcoholism curable?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for alcoholism, since this is a chronic disorder, which means you can only force it into remission and focus on abstinence to prevent the relapse. The good news is that, unlike other chronic conditions, you have the power to prevent the relapse, so long as you receive proper assistance along the way. It all comes down to having an experienced team of professionals guiding you through the process.

The most challenging step in the recovery process is overcoming the denial phase. Most people have difficulties acknowledging the problem, fearing that others might judge or shame them. Since we value our patients’ integrity and privacy, we offer a safe place for detox and recovery, where we treat everyone with compassion and respect. Use our hotline, talk to us, and join our family here, at our center in Ottawa!

Staging an alcohol intervention

An alcohol intervention is a process of confronting the victims of alcohol addiction about their problems. It sets the stage for open, honest discussion, during which family members will spill their guts, make promises, and strengthen their emotional and spiritual bonds with the patient. The confrontation will make for a volatile endeavor, as the victim will naturally enter a defensive stance. It’s common for the patients to resort to denial, resentment, and anger during the intervention, which is why having an expert present is paramount.

The expert will calm the waters, using their knowledge of human behavior to counter the victim’s manipulative behavior. The interventionist will also ensure everybody remains calm and remain focused on the issue at hand. Having an intervention as early as possible will increase the chances of success dramatically. Call us today to discuss the details and get things moving!

How do I quit drinking on my own?

If you’re in more advanced stages of alcohol addiction, you will probably never succeed in quitting on your own. The manifestations of the withdrawal alone are enough to pull you back in, taking some of your spirit away each time you attempt to quit cold turkey. Eventually, you will lose hope of ever getting sober again, and that’s the last thing you’ll want.

Attempting to self-detox comes with dangers of its own, as you risk encountering dangerous medical complications. Many patients even become addicted to the very drugs designed to help them. You can easily avoid that by joining our alcohol rehab in Ottawa, Ontario, today.

At our facility, we offer you:

  • A peaceful, comfortable environment, ideal for recovery and healing
  • A welcoming community of open, friendly people
  • Professional and compassionate staff
  • High-end medical and therapeutic services
  • Respect, compassion, and moral support

The team at Valiant Recovery invites you to fight for your life and future on your own terms! Come to our center and join the treatment today!

Alcohol Rehab Ottawa Ontario

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Alcohol Rehab Ottawa Ontario

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