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Alcohol Rehab Nashville

Article provided by: Integrative Life Center

Alcohol Rehab Nashville

Integrative Life Center is a leading alcohol rehab in Nashville with comfortable accommodations, the highest success rates, evidence-based therapies, and a compassionate staff team. We rely on customized treatment plans, allowing patients to achieve their unique recovery goals via a combination of holistic and science-based therapies.

What types of alcohol rehab treatments do you offer?

We offer residential Nashville addiction treatment programs separately for men and women, intensive outpatient program, partial hospitalization program, aftercare program, and intimacy disorder treatment program.

What holistic support services do you offer?

We use multiple holistic treatments and therapies to help our residents heal from their trauma and co-occurring mental health issues. These include acupuncture, diet and nutrition therapy, exercise programs, massage therapy, breathwork, and yoga as part of our Nashville addiction recovery treatment.

Do you use evidence-based therapies to treat alcoholism?

Scientific behavioral modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and EMDR therapy help us identify and address addiction’s underlying triggers. Psychotherapies like trauma-infused therapy, brainspotting therapy, and psychodrama therapy are the other modalities we offer as a part of our addiction and mental health treatment in Nashville.

What co-occurring disorders do you treat?

We address anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, and several other mental health issues. Ranked as the #1 inpatient drug rehab in Nashville, TN, we use a customized and integrated treatment approach to address behavioral and mental health issues during the rehab treatment.

What does the women’s residential treatment entail?

Our women’s addiction treatment for substance use disorders entails 35-hours of gender-separate group programming per week and includes two individual therapy sessions with an assigned masters-level clinician. Our female residents enjoy catered meals via the Healing Foods program, have access to nutritional support and spiritual guidance, and receive nursing supervision, psychiatric care, and medication management services.

What can I expect with the virtual PHP program?

Our virtual PHP and IOP programs replicate the in-person experience and include experiential therapies, primary process groups, individual sessions with an assigned masters-level therapist, and medical appointments. Our telehealth addiction treatment services are easily accessible, easy to use, and meet the HIPAA telemedicine compliance standards.

What does the telehealth alcohol IOP program entail?

Our IOP program for men and women includes 12-hours of group programming each week and engages patients in traditional CBT and DBT process groups. Our therapists also conduct evidence-based therapies like journaling, meditation, brain spotting, psychodrama, yoga, and other psychotherapies during the telehealth sessions. 

How do you prevent relapse in recovering addicts?

All of our alumni patients benefit from participating in our aftercare programs. We highly recommend our alumni clients to attend our 12-step meetings and build community and connections with fellow recovering addicts. Our in-person and virtual aftercare programs solidify our patients’ commitment to sobriety and reduce the risk for relapse significantly.

Contact 615-891-2226 to join our top alcohol rehab in Nashville. Integrative Life Center is a reputed rehab with numerous positive reviews and proven strategies in coping with addiction and dual diagnosis conditions. 

Alcohol Rehab Nashville

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Alcohol Rehab Nashville

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