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A person addicted to alcohol sits and needs help to etermine and identify his solution in Ottawa.Addictions in Ottawa are prominent with drugs and alcohol but occur in numerous forms.

Valiant Behavioural Health Ottawa rehab center focuses on providing therapy for addictions in a relaxed country setting. Our rehab residence is approx 20 km from downtown Ottawa, Gloucester or Nepean. The following resources will help you determine if you are addicted, let you know what the warning signs of addiction are and review various addictions such as trading addictions, gambling addiction, prescription drug and sex addictions and more.

What type of rehab treatment is required?

Identifying and assessing different types of addictions in Ottawa as well as the various disorders that could be associated with them can be done at Valiant Behavioural Health.  While reviewing these these resources keep in mind the severity of the addiction. Tolerance levels are going to be an indicator of severity and dangers which should give you an idea of how urgent things are. If you need help immediately, do not hesitate to call us at 1.877.327.1294.


Seems Simple but Complexity Prevails

Questions such as ‘Am I Addicted?” could seem simple to some. An addict could be suffering from related mental injuries and health issues. When this is the case, logical solutions can seem overwhelmingly complex.  For example, a person who has an addiction in Ottawa could have a substance abuse problem and also a trading or process addiction in addition to a mental disorder. Some mental disorders can be caused by an addiction, while others may have come about as a result of a mental disorder.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need help deciding what to do next, please consider calling Valiant Behavioural Health in Ottawa at 1.877.327.1294 for more information.


Are you looking for help?

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The Valiant Behavioural Health addiction questionnaire will help shed light on the subject of addiction. Find out now if an addiction has to be treated for yourself or with someone in your life.


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