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Intervention is a very critical moment that could change a loved one’s life. It will be stressful, scary and will take work to intervene on a person with an addiction. If you are reading this it’s time to act. Let us help with our Intervention Assistance.


Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab

Detox is a crucial step in rehab. A Managed detox process reduces complications and has benefits that include fewer withdrawal symptoms. Our Valiant Recovery, 24-hour staff in Ottawa provide professional, caring detox service.


Ottawa Rehab Program

Addictions are an outward response to internal wounds. Although the outside actions (addiction) needs to be treated, we focus on what cannot be seen, the “initial (internal) wound.” Review our rehab treatments and call 1.877.327.1294.

Recovery with the help of rehab depicted in this by man enjoying a sunset.


Preventing a relapse is important for recovery success and the Valiant Behavioural Health rehab program provides an Ottawa residence with peer support and will help along the way.

medical imaging of a brain that may be diseased from drug abuse

Is Addiction A Disease?

Most treatment programs for substance abuse follow a medical model that views this problem as a disease. This is the one reason why many treatment programs fail.

individual counselling

Individual Counselling

The cornerstone of our Addiction Treatment program is our 1-on-1 counseling sessions. We include a minimum of 4 hours with a Licensed Clinical Counselor. In addition to all of our other courses and sessions.

Men’s and Women’s Residential Treatment Centre Services


Addiction Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program in Ottawa Ontario, offering recovery from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sex addiction and mental health issues.

Valiant Behavioural Health has small admission sizes:

we only take a maximum of 9 clients at a time. This helps to ensure that no one slips through the cracks. in Larger centers it is hard to be heard among the crowd. Peer discussion in group sessions is a great place to hear others tell their stories of support and inspiration. Being a small center allows all the clients to develop lasting relationships, that can be supportive out in the real world

Our goal: We want to meet the client where they are on the road to recovery and provide the tools that they need to move further along this continuum. We emphasize self-determination, personal responsibility and encourage our clients to re-write their life stories in a motivational, supportive environment.

The Program: We offer an intensive, residential program (30-90 days). The core components of this program are group therapy, individual therapy, psycho-educational workshops, and fitness.

Group Therapy: Keeping with our low residential capacity of 6 clients per residence, we are able to keep our groups small and personal, with a maximum of 10 clients when women and men come together. In group therapy, clients will be examining their lives and addictions through various exercises, projects, and general group work.

Our Technique: We believe strongly in dealing with many of the underlying issues that are fueling the addiction , so groups will pinpoint topics such as anxiety, depression, anger management, codependency, and boundaries.

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